Some lesser known binary platforms and their features

Every trader that went into binary options business changed their broker at least once in the past. Some had good reasons, as they got scammed by shady brokers. Others left certain dealers because they couldn’t adapt to their platform. Some of those people found better platforms, suited to their style of business; other never found one that would accommodate their needs. Dozens of companies developed their platforms, and many of those give special features you won’t find on other products. There is a platform for you, and it just might be the one we will mention here.banner-1-devices

Playing the safe game

Some of you opt for a safe game, and they pick big platforms and brokers that use them.
You might be one of those either SpotOption or TechFinancials, and nothing else. Well, that might work for you as some of the best brokers, along with Online Wealth Markets , use those platforms. webinar2-1600x750There is nothing wrong with this, as they offer some pretty nice features. They are stable, and the owners update them on a regular basis. You can’t make a mistake if you choose one of those two.

Those platforms are big, they have branches in many different countries, and their level of service is godlike. Their interface is brilliant, and all of them offer some level of customization of the same.

Smaller platforms you might like

Some people like smaller brokers and features they offer. Very small number of brokers uses those platforms, but they are still regularly updated. There isn’t a lack of tools on these platforms, and they are pretty open to third-party software.

The first platform that brought registration assistance is the TradeSmarter. They did it several years before everyone else, and they created a dedicated trader base. They didn’t rise to greatness as some other older companies, but they did stay important. They offer a wide range of expiry dates and securities as well as some advanced features like exotic options and management of the bonus. The quick search option allows the traders to find assets and all trade options for the same. Traders that focus on only a few options may place them in the favorite list.

mmmmsssssssssssssss-250x250Rather than having it simple and easy to understand, Panda has a platform that is a great environment for serious traders that use many tools in their business. Panda offers a wide array of tools as well as web technologies that assist traders. Their iPhone platform is superb, and it has no real competition among other companies. Their software is available on all major operating systems including Macintosh.

HelloMarkets is a company who provides platforms for different exchange markets. Their platform is used by over 100 brokers across those markets. Brokers that seek regulation papers may seek council with this company. They assist in this process to everyone who is willing to come under their wings. This company started as a broker, but after a while, they changed the profession. This gives them a good insight into the industry as a whole.