Common problems in the binary options industry

A complain can kill a broker, and I hope that it will. Any dealer that allows complaints about bonuses, inability to withdraw and a manager should go down. We shall write this as a letter to all dealers with the hope that some of them might change their game. We will also inform you about problems that exist in this world so you can adapt.

Why complaints matter

A trader should run away from brokers who face numerous complaints by people that invest through them. A complaint can tell you a lot about a trader. When people talk about some problems of the broker than it means that broker isn’t trying to fix the issues. A company that fails to listen to their customers will eventually lose them. But they won’t lose those few that complained; they will lose others as well. Some will realize the issues the company has, and they will abandon it. Future traders will read those posts, and they will go around the broker.

depositphotos_23519231_s-300x196Complaints are connected with scams. Every trader and future trader believes in that. Don’t let one little mistake lead to being branded as a fraud. If that happens, then you can only shut down your business. The best way to avoid that kind of the things is to remove the factors that cause them. Without the factors we will mention, there won’t be a reason for people to write bad things about you.

Mistakes a broker should avoid

Everything may go well and then suddenly you notice bad reviews. When you check it, you find out that you are a scam. The reviewer said that you advertised signal software that causes big losses. They assume that you did it on purpose to cheat people. That is bad, as it can end your business.

Avoid the advertisement of those robots or advertise software that everyone trusts click here to see who are these robots. If you can’t strike a deal with software like that, then don’t risk with possible scams.

Offering a bonus and failing to mention the requirements is another thing that infuriates traders and makes them run. Every person likes bonus money, and they will accept a bonus you offer. But don’t fail to mention requirements for that bonus cash. People want to trade whenever they want and to pull out their money when they feel they had enough for now. Not mentioning requirements will cause anger and they will take their business to another place.

dental-practice-transitions-napb-avoid-these-5-major-mistakes-when-buying-a-dental-practiceDon’t use account managers as a feature that attracts traders. Yes, some traders want them, but they cause more pain than profit. Whenever a manager messes up or tries something apart from their line of business, you suffer. The trader complaints and everyone see that you send people to cheat your traders.

Complaints will reign down on you, no matter how much you fight against it. They may not be serious, but you should address them. Have someone, or even several people, who will look for those posts and offer solutions and help to those that complain.